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Dragon’s Myth

Dragon’s Myth Review

For folks out there who would really love to be Viking kids again, this your cue. Dragon’s myth mobile slot is all about a prepubescent Viking girl who goes on an expedition killing dragons she finds along the way with her trusty anarchy skills. The dragon in the slot has been inspired by classic red lizard symbol that is launched in a backdrop of a remarkable volcanic land. Developed by Rabacat, a subsidiary of Microgaming, Dragon’s Myth comes with all credentials associated with the Microgaming label.


Launched in May 2015, the video slot can be accessed in both desktop and mobile versions. The cutting edge 3D display slot is ideal for anyone who isn’t fascinated by the old generation graphics that are common with other slots providers. Similarly, the 3D display is also for those looking to seamlessly blend their passion for video games together with casino slots.

Dragon bounty bonus and free spins

Not only is the slot game engaging but also has some of the most incredible features that make it stand out from the rest of the slot games. To start with the SPIN button isn’t just an ordinary button as it also keeps tabs of the number of dragons captured. The box at extreme right bottom of the slot acts as a cage and landing a dragon on the icon at the box signals the SPIN button to light up. Capture and kill all dragons appearing at the reels to get hefty cash.

Free spins

Arguably, the most interesting feature of the slot are the free spins. By landing on the 3,4,or 5 free spin symbols on the reels, one is able to elicit 10, 15 and 20 spins respectively. It’s worth noting that the free spins generate a winning combinations from left to right and also vice versa thereby doubling your winning chances. Similarly, the free signal can also unlock Dragons cave feature which is full of insane rewards that will plump your wallet out of proportion.

Volatility and Jackpot

The volatility of the slot rate between low and medium with a return to player (RTP) of 97%. The maximum bets that can be staked is 40 coins while the minimum bet is 0.20 coins. This guarantees you a possible win of 100,000 coins. Though the slot doesn’t feature any jackpot, it comes with 10, 15,and 20 free spins. You can read up more on the top online casino review site to get more inside if you wish.

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